Catharine Hinton

Catharine lives in the beautiful town of Shrewsbury, Shropshire (in the UK) with her family. She is a professional adviser for raising skills and developing talent in the housing industry with Asset Skills. Her job takes her around England and Wales into many different workplaces and meeting many different people.

She has Crohn’s Disease, a degree in Zoology, a MSc in Housing Studies and a Yoga teaching Diploma.

Catharine’s Story

Diagnosed by the great Graeme Kerr at the Royal Shrewsbury aged 16-ish, my Crohn’s proved to be frustratingly stubborn to most therapy and I ended up having major abdominal surgery after a colonoscopy went spectacularly wrong. Unidentified super-infections, an accidentally induced heart attack during insertion of a central line and a brush with physiological opiate addiction completed quite the most mind-blowing period of my life.

A couple more surgeries, one grapefruit sized and many cherry tomato sized abscesses later I am still here to tell the tale. Having stood the grim reaper up a few times I know a thing or two about tenacity, work, life and spirit and now I aim to share what I have learnt with you through www.worklifespirit.co.uk – a blog dedicated to inspiring and thriving in the workplace and the world…with chronic illness.

Contact Catharine here.

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