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Book Review:Confessions of a Professional Hospital Patient

Confessions of a Professional Hospital Patientby Michael A. Weiss. 1stBooks, ISBN 0 75960 473 8, 2001.

Confessions of a Professional Hospital Patient: A Humorous First Person Account of How to Survive a Hospital Stay and Escape with Your Life, Dignity and Sense of Humour is a guide to spending time in hospital of value to first timers and veretans alike.

Aimed primarily at people with an imminent hospital stay and their families/supporters this book should also interest medical staff working in grastro-enterology who want to develop their understanding of the patient perspective.

I was delighted to receive my copy of ‘Confessions’ direct from the author, and when it arrived I was pleased to see that the book was well put together, with a good binding, nice readable typeface and a good size to carry with you into hospital.

The book is divided into chapters beginning with ‘Pre-admission preparation’ and ending with Weiss’ perspectives and opinions on healthcare in the US. Weiss is generous in the amount of material he makes available to others to help them deal with the administration side of the US healthcare system – this was fascinating to a UK based reader like me. Weiss supplies proforma letters, along with sound advice about what to copy and file.

The author has had over 50 hospitalisations so within the text there are plenty of lessons learned and tips which are based around a varierty of his own experiences. I’ve had quite a few hospitalisations and you do soon realise that some of the more perplexing aspects of hospitals aren’t down to your mirunderstanding, it is the system or a lack of communication. Some of the more common areas of confusion are explained carefully and tactfully, such as in the case of catheter removal – unless someone tells you, you don’t realise that you have to show the nurses everything you wee otherwise they force you to have the catheter replaced!

There is a plentiful appendix full of extremely useful outlines of things such as living wills and powers of attorney. I really appreciated the author addressing these issues as they can be easily overlooked.

It was really intersting to see that the hospital day, and general management of wards was virtually the same in the US and the UK. Then disheartening to read that dismissive treatment in accident and emergency also occured, albeit, very rarely.

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In conclusion I think that this is an excellent book for anyone who has just been diagnosed with a chronic disease and expecting to spend some time in hospital. I also heartily recommend it to anyone in the medical profession who wishes to gain a patient perspective. I think it would particularly suit patients in the US who are trying to get to grips with the medical and insurance interface as I am sure that Weiss knows all the tips and tricks by now!

You can buy ‘Confessions’ from Amazon . Happy reading! Disclosure: I was delighted to receive a complimentary copy of ‘Confessions’ from Michael A. Weiss to review for my blog.