Ten things I won’t be doing because of Crohn’s Disease

Aerial silk artists seem to be a favourite amongst TV marketeers at the moment, and as beautiful as it looks, I can’t help but cringe when I see them twirl down with the tissu wrapped tightly round their bellies.  So I got to thinking, what are top ten things that I really won’t be doing because of Crohn’s Disease?

1. Aerial silks Ouch!

2. Extreme corset tight lacing Ouch!

3. Undertaking any form of bushtucker trial Ouch and Yuk!

4. Having colonic irrigation – I just would not do this!

5. The Yoga practice of Shankhaprakshalana which is useful for some people, but dangerous if you have IBD (the postures are fine, it is the repetitions and excessive water drinking which is not suitable for people with IBD)

6. Contact martial arts – I just can’t risk a blow to my tummy

7. Becoming a Royal Marine, I could train to pass the tests, but I wouldn’t be much good at being ‘on station’ for hours at a time with no toilet

8. Going on a badly organised expedition to a remote part of the world – lack of emergency medical supplies, unknown water supply and unknown food contamination has put me off

9. Any form of extreme eating competition

10. Giving Blood, they won’t let me, but maybe you can give blood instead!



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