Worried about a colonoscopy? Free e-book available from Salix pharmaceuticals

Are you worried about having a colonoscopy? Unfortunately this procedure carries many negative connotations, along with serious risks and a general yuk factor that comes with sticking a big tube and camera up your bottom.

The chances are that you will be asked to prep your bowel by taking a laxative, and you might be taking one called ‘pico-something‘ which is produced by Salix pharmeceuticals.

This company has sponsored a FREE e-book called ‘Colonoscopy for dummies’ which is a very comprehensive and well written booklet about the procedure.

It contains lots of useful information and advice and in particular explains the importance of having a clean bowel before having your colonoscopy.

Please help yourself to prevent colon cancer – don’t be scared about having a colonoscopy, if your doc suggests one, do go along to it. Regualr diarrhoea, or constipation, blood in your stools, bleeding when you poo and feeling ‘poisoned’ after eating are not normal. It probably won’t be cancer, it will probably be something else and a colonoscopy will identify what it is. 

Credit to the very awesome Marianne C over at Crohn’s Disease Relief who posted about this before me.


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