Draft medical history proforma – so you don’t have to repeat yourself endlessly

One of the most frustrating things about Crohn‘s (especially if you have blockages and adhesions) is that you can unexpectedly end up in hospital all over the place. I had a period of a few years where every holiday was doomed to end up with me in hospital somewhere – eventually the problem was found.  It turned out that there was a grapefruit sized abscess wrapped around my bowel which led to exciting impromptu re-enactments of ‘that scene’ from the exorcist.

I now have an outline of my medical history to give to medical staff on my ‘travels’. The aim of the outline is to help me remember key dates and events, which can be forgotten in the begging for morphine confusion of admission.

I have attached a draft version of the outline here to share with readers: Summary of medical history_Draft in order to get some comments from you about it.

  • Is there anything I have missed?
  • Is there about the right amount of space or do you want more?

Medical staff often ask you to repeat your medical history as a way of:

  • building rapport
  • checking you are compos mentis (composed mind)
  • checking that you are not suffering any ill effects of medication
  • checking for delirium that comes with fever

So having an outline to hand won’t necessarily reduce the number of times you are questioned but it will make a difference when it matters.

It is also useful to have to hand so that a carer, friend or relative can give all the important details to medical staff if you are not able to coherently communicate. This can happen if you have a fever or are in considerable pain.

So do let me know what you think about the draft version (here: Summary of medical history_Draft) and then I will upload a final version for you to write your own outline.

2 responses to “Draft medical history proforma – so you don’t have to repeat yourself endlessly

  1. I like the document and think it will be useful. I recently had difficutly recalling the exact dates of surgeries performed 25 years ago, and if it wasn’t for my iphone I would not have had my primary physician’s information with me when it was needed.
    The only thing I think I would add is another emergency contact/next of kin. As a single person, I list whichever sibling or niece happens to be nearby at the time.
    Thank you for doing this. It looks great!

  2. Good things, good suggestions, good articles… Simply superb… I think it is very usefull to more people

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