$6.9bn will be spent on IBDs in 2015

A new report by visiongain, a London-based business information company, predicts that world drug revenues for treating inflammatory bowel diseases will reach $6.9bn in 2015, according to Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: World Drug Market 2011-2021, published in July 2011.

Diya Lahiri, pharmaceutical industry analyst, is quoted as saying: “The world IBD treatments market will benefit from the entry of new technologies, products and companies this decade. There are prominent needs in the IBD treatment market, the most important being the development of drugs that are disease modifying rather than only symptom managing. R&D efforts will help develop novel treatments that will not only benefit patients but also help researchers better understand IBD.”

Visiongain forecasts that the IBD drug market will continue to expand steadily to 2021. The future of the market appears promising, with

  • increasing demand for IBD treatments
  • a strong R&D pipeline for treating inflammatory bowel diseases
  • the prospect of new, more-effective drugs, including biologics and intestinal anti-inflammatory agents (IAIs)

It’s all good news that our diseases are being invested in – and new effective treatments can’t come too soon for some of us.

For more information about this report please go here.



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