Friday fun – awesome arty culture-y bowel-y stuff

This week’s Friday fun is focussed on some awesome arty culture-y bowel-y stuff!

Jessica Harrison‘s ‘Broken’ series of scupltures stopped me in my tracks and took my breath away – If there was ever a scuplture for a a woman with Crohn’s Disease to connect to, then this was it! Sadly Rosamund (pictured) was snapped up the day she went on sale, but, like me, you can treat yourself to a limited edition print for £50. Bridget and Collette also feature disembowling, but perhaps you are more interested in headless Erin?  Or the elegant Emily Jane skating with the top of her scalp missing?

Link to: Jessica Harrison’s Broken Series.


The Wellcome Trust’s DIRT exhibition is a great diversion for those of us that have an intimate knowledge of our bowels. I thoroughly enjoyed the having a wander round and came out of it feeling quite relieved to live in Britain in the 21st century.   The exhibition is a combination of education, artwork, historical artefacts and installations that are part art, part artefact and part education. Rare Delft blue china ware, bricks made of dried excrement and dust scuptures are just some of the things you’ll see.

I’ve seen these Giant Microbes
gradually invade UK shops over the last couple of years and was delighted to see that E. coli (Escherichia coli)
had been added to the infection. I think these would make a great fun gift for someone with Crohn’s, or in deed who had been at the mercy of some of the infections turned fluffy. probably best to check they have a sense of humour first…


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