Making a Bucket List – AKA Exciting things I need to do…

The Bucket List (2007) is a film about two terminally ill men played by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. So after that cheery start I’ll explain….The title and the theme of the film refers to a list of things that the two characters would like to do before they “kick the bucket”. In the film, one of the characters has a lot of money and so is able to fund the bucket list of the other – adding several new experiences to the original list along the way.

With a chronic disease you can often impose limitations on what you can and can’t do – but how often do you actively pursue new experiences / things that you can do, or could do with a bit of help?

Making a bucket list can be done at any point in your life – you don’t need a bad diagnosis to spur you into action – though that will focus your mind somewhat.

Why not write down your dreams and desires and then start working towards them? Things that seem unattainable now can seem much more realistic if you know you have several years (or decades) to acheive them.

Do it!

Do it now!

Once you have written your list try to do something towards your dreams and desires as often as possible.

This blog is one of the items on my bucket list!

So what is top of your bucket list?


2 responses to “Making a Bucket List – AKA Exciting things I need to do…

  1. I have hundreds of things on my never-ending bucket list, but some of my favorites are cave tubing, swimming with stingrays and milking a cow!

  2. Cave tubing looks awesome!

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