Out of office – medical leave

Rather than a post this is a few questions for people with chronic health problems. When you are ill, and out of the office do you do any of the following:

1. Put an out of office note on your email / phone system explaining that you are not in the office? Do you say that this is beacuse of illness?

2. Tell people other than your immediate supervisors that you are off because of illness?

3. Keep in touch with the office while you are off ill?

And finally…..

4. How do you deal with any ‘grumblings’ from your colleagues about having time off?


One response to “Out of office – medical leave

  1. I’ve made sure everyone at works knows about my Crohns. I’ve explained what happens and why.

    It makes life so such easier plus it helps spread awareness.

    Don’t get me wrong; when i was first diagnosed i kept it a secret but it got too difficult as the disease progressed


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