Care packages for Crohn’s

One of the nicest things that anyone can do for someone poorly with something like Crohn’s is to surprise them with a care package. Big or small, cheap or luxurious a package of treats is always welcome, and more so when you are not feeling great or convalescing.

If someone is having a flare of Crohn’s then edible items should not be high in fat, sugar or fibre as these can exacerbate symptoms. Edible items should also have a mix of shelf lives as flare ups can cause appetite reduce.

Here is a nice care package you can put together for a friend with Crohn’s, you can buy everything from a well stocked local shop:

  1. A current magazine – the sort that they would enjoy but don’t subscribe to
  2. A small selection of fruit e.g. a couple of bananas, satsumas, apples, grapes etc or a pre-prepared fruit salad (melons and grapes are particularly nice)
  3. Good quality fruit juice or smoothie
  4. Crisps or puffed rice ‘crisps’ such as snack-a-jacks
  5. A packet of biscuits (hobnobs for me!)

Maybe you shop at your local market (My home town, Shrewsbury has an excellent one) From a local market you could get:

  1. A Book (markets often have second-hand book stalls as well as shops selling new books)
  2. A bunch of flowers
  3. A small selection of fruit e.g. a couple of bananas, satsumas, apples, grapes etc
  4. A cake or a couple of cupcakes (think about size and shelf life)
  5. Locally produced deli treats (ham, cheese, bread etc) that can make easily prepared meals

If you live away from your loved one, your care package can be a bit different. You could pack up the following and mail it to them:

  1. A book or magazine
  2. A small fruit cake
  3. A couple of packets of biscuits
  4. A handwritten note or card
  5. Snacks e.g flap jacks

Or you could order a postal gift from a retailer such as:

  1. A fruit basket
  2. A chocolate hamper
  3. Mail order flowers
  4. Hamper of food / preserves / tea / coffee / wine etc

And of course you could try your hand at baking and making the contents of your care package!

Since writing this post I have received some great ideas from twitter followers:

@SalB1990 suggests: Novels, Diet Coke, DVDs, Cheese & Crackers, Hot water bottle (ed. yes! hot water bottles are always welcome, they serve a multitide of purposes for pain releife and warmth) , Puzzlers and salt & vinegar crisps

@gutgremlins has the genius idea of including toilet paper in the care package – oooh espcially luxury top of the range TP please!

So what would you like in your care package?

NB I haven’t included links to specific retailers because of my varied readership across the world, but these ideas should be sufficient for you to google local information about relevant retailers.





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