Dealing with body odours at work and home

Unfortunately there are several chronic diseases which cause body odour which can range from being weird and unexpected (sweet smell associated with diabetes) through to being pungent or offensive (e.g. Trimethylaminuria).

Here are some thoughts from me about how you can deal with such awkward aromas:

  1. Check with your GP whether you should be avoiding any particular foods which might be contributing to the smell (e.g. Choline and Trimethylaminuria)
  2. Do a ‘reality check’ – ask some trusted friends or family members about your odour / perceived odour. You want an honest appraisal, so choose people who will give you real answer rather than polite answer. It is a good idea to do this at the end of an ordinary work day. Find out what the impact of odour is with your different work layers on and from different distances e.g. standing in a lift, sitting around a board room table or chatting one to one.
  3. Talk to your GP about trying a probiotic supplement to help support your digestion.
  4. Try a chlorophyll supplement such as body mint which seems to magically reduce many body odours.
  5. Make sure your clothes aren’t contributing to the problem by cleaning and drying them properly, especially if they are stained with bodily fluids such as sweat or urine. Also check coats and jackets for smells and make sure they are regularly  dry-cleaned. Make sure your washing machine is clean as a dirty washing machine can impart a musty smell onto otherwise clean clothes.
  6. Keep your breath smelling sweet by cleaning your teeth regularly, using an antibacterial mouthwash and addressing any mouth symptoms such as ulcers with your GP.
  7. Ensure good personal hygiene by bathing frequently, using antiperspirant deodorant and other products that are appropriate. ‘Reality check’ different products with friends and family for effectiveness and pleasantness. Your workplace will have different rules / norms for perfume and scented products so make sure what you wear fits in well.

How do you manage the malodorous?


One response to “Dealing with body odours at work and home

  1. I think i’ll get Jed to read this – genetic disorder or not most people should take note of all the above!!

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