My top five books for when I am ill #1

When having a flare up or a hospital stay, there comes a point when you are ill where you transition from complete incapacity to incapacity and boredom. Wooziness from painkillers and IV antibiotics makes concentration difficult, as does general life on the ward with it’s interruptions and strange sleep patterns.

Reading is a great way to pass this time, but anything too complicated makes my head spin.

Maybe you are looking for something to put in your hosital bag, or a gift for someone stuck on a ward somewhere. Here are my top 5 books for this period of time, and they work equally well for convalescing at home too:

1. Anything by James Herroit but I particularly like ‘all creatures great and small’ and ‘It shouldn’t happen to a vet’.

2. Anything by P G Wodehouse but in particular the ‘Carry on Jeeves’ from the Jeeves and Wooster series.

3. Anything by Agatha Christie but in particular The mirror crack’d from side to side and Murder on the Orient Express

4. Elizabeth David’s collection of articles ‘An Omlette and a glass of wine’

5. Driving over lemons

What are your top five books for the twilight zone between complete incapcity and incapacity and boredom?


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