How to be a great recipient of an April Fools joke

Yesterday’s post was all about planning an April fool’s joke for the workplace so today I thought I would look at the flip side – how to be a great recipent of an april fools joke.

1. Don’t be hurt – you are not the only one who has been tricked today!

2. Have a sense of humour and join in with the spirit of the day. The chances are your colleagues thought you would be a willing recipient of the joke.

3. Recognise the creativity and planning involved in any particularly elaborate pranks.

4. If you are the officer prankster – expect to fully get your comeuppance one day and be very gracious when you do!

5. If, on reflection,  you have concerns about the joke that was played on you then it would be fine to mention this to someone appropriate at an appropriate time. Examples could be where it caused you embarrassment in front of a customer / client, it could have gone wrong and caused an injury or it could have cost the company money.

Have fun and do let me know in the comments below how you got pranked today!



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