Increasing your productivity by ‘Day Sectioning’

As some of you know I am a student and teacher of Yoga – and where possible apply what I learn in Yoga to work and every day life. Here is one of the ways I apply what I do in Yoga to business life.

I know I can be more productive is by doing particular types of work at certain times of the day and I call this ‘day sectioning’. If you’d like to be more productive, please read on! If not please look at these pictures of cats.

In order to work out what to do when, you need to develop an awareness of your mind, the way you work and crucially what happens when you do work that ‘fits’ with your rhythm and work that doesn’t fit with your rhythm. Developing this awareness and working with the body / mind is a skill I’ve developed through Yoga but you should be able to follow the instructions below quite easy.

This sounds a bit airy fairy, but it works! Get your diary out and find a day where you can choose your schedule. On that day, rather than automatically doing what you think you should be doing, ask yourself what you feel like doing. Do it! Make a note of the time, and the type of work you are doing. When you feel your concentration wane or wander, move on to the job which most appeals to you next and again make a note of the work and the time. Carry on like this until the end of the work day.

Whether or not you take emails and phone calls while you do this will depend on your work circumstances and your need to be contactable.

After a few days you should begin to notice a general pattern and this will help you to plan your days in a way that takes advantage of your work focus flow.

Here is an example:

First thing: checking emails, answering questions (by email), asking questions (by email, organising meetings (dates, people, venues)

Morning: Creative work, work that requires concentration, report writing, bid writing, letter writing. Phone calls at around 11am.

Lunch break:

Early afternoon: Checking work, editing, writing short pieces.

Late afternoon: checking emails, answering questions (by email), asking questions (by email, organising meetings (dates, people, venues)

Tea time

How do you organise your days to be most productive?

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