PS Fashion – cocktail dress

This tortoiseshell print dress in flattering eathy tones has an eye-catching design perfect for the spring and summer. The silk georgette fabric drapes beautifully with slight body and bounce.

There are a number of features I love about this dress. First of all it is a short and sassy dress which is not skin tight – great if, like me, you have a post op belly but nice legs. The full back coverage adds extra warmth to the torso and hides any back surgery scars.  I can imagine this dressed up with a white tuxedo, diamonds and killer heels,  dressed down with a vintage biker jacket and boots or somewhere in the middle with neutral heels, bag and jacket.

The designer is Camilla and Marc and the dress is exclusively available from net-a-porter for £565.

The notes suggest that it is not possible to wear a bra with this dress, no idea why that might be issue – do you know?

The Apricot Ditsy dress from New Look is completely different, different colours and style, nowhere near as fabulous, but has a similar feel to the Camilla and Marc dress. It would work equally well with the styling suggestions above and costs £26 (it looks like you can wear a bra with it!).


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