Swimsuit review: Diane von Furstenberg Carmen printed halterneck swimsuit

Diane von Furstenberg Carmen swimsuit

I think that it is really important to have a good quality swimsuit which gives you confidence and makes you feel amazing. Beaches and swimming pools are intimidating enough when you are healthy but they can be particularly soul-destroying when you have had surgery or you have a chronic health problem. Spending time in water as well as reclining on a beach is so restorative and relaxing, but for me, only if my swimwear keeps my health problems private. I want people to stare at how fabulous I am, not at my collection of abdominal scars!

This gorgeous black and white halterneck suit with a floral print by Diane von Furstenberg is bound to make most people feel wonderful.  This suit has a number of features that make it a very worthwhile investment – especially if it means you’ll get back on the beach or in the water with confidence:

  • The black and white pattern is flattering to most skin tones
  • The panelled ruching and black and white floral print can discreetly hide post abdominal surgery lumps and bumps and give good cover for those who feel the cold
  • The suit is very flattering to most breast sizes as the padded cups and sweetheart neckline  can give both support to those who are well endowed and body to those who are less well endowed. The ruching and good coverage is also useful for those who have had breast surgery
  • The self ties at the halterneck along with the ruching and elastine content means that this suit will be able to grow or shrink with you as your weight changes with your health
  • The low cut legs are great for those who can’t use bikini line hair removing products

I bless the day that 1950s style swimsuits like this came back into fashion. What other styles of swimsuit are good for you?  How does a great swimsuit make you feel?


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