Welcome to worklifespirit

Welcome to worklifespirit, the companion blog to yogaspirit. Worklifespirit is about balancing a career and homelife, especially with the added pressure of a chronic health problem.

I work full time, I have two hobbies/additional jobs which bring me additonal income (Yoga teaching and hennaing at community events) and two children. I also have Crohn’s Disease, but not many people know this. They just think I am the busiest, most organised person they know.

Here are some of the topics you can look forward to reading about here:

  • How to prioritise
  • Dealing with hospitals, doctors and work during a health crisis
  • Post-op fashion
  • Dress codes in the office and for parties and events, how to adapt them to your needs
  • How to talk about your health in a professional setting
  • Practical ideas for coping with certain professional situations that clash with your health needs
  • Health and the office environment
  • Personal finance
  • Balancing it all

Please do feel free to e-mail: worklifespirit@gmail.com with any ideas for topics!

Cat x


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